Public Displays of Aggression: Why do we do it?

Let the  hurt go beloved. I get it. Maybe your heart was broken, or you lost that job opportunity you wanted oh so badly, or people just simply don’t gravitate towards you the way you’d like. I understand all of that. But unleashing your fury in front of others is not the move. Displaying your aggression in the form of tweets, snaps, or IG posts only makes the rest of us give a side eye, and keep our distance. The blatant disrespect towards your perceived enemy shows more of your weakness than your strength. It is a clear sign that you have not moved on from the matter, and do not know how to express yourself in an adult manner, so you turn to social media to promote your tantrum. I’m cringing as I write this, because I am very guilty of doing this. I would never throw stones, because my house is made of glass, however, let me offer my helping hand to guide you out of these cringe worthy situations.

Before I knew I could articulate myself so well, I was so emotionally driven. Now before you say its because I am woman,I will stop you there. I was letting my emotions get the best of me because I was irrational. I was selfish in my decisions, and did not always consider how they would affect me. There was a period of my life where I only felt bad for myself, and refused to believe I could do better. It was act now, and maybe think later. Man, was I digging a deep hole for myself. Worst part about it, was in the end, I was left with a trail of evidence, depicting me as an emotional wreck that was unsure about herself. My behaviour was getting all the wrong attention. And the people I wanted to get my message to, only made sure to keep their distance. No resolution. No peace. Just heartbreak on a full moon.

I mention all this to say, leave the socials alone! When you’re mad or upset that is. It has nothing to do with making other people feel important because you are sending a slew of subs their way. But all to do with how you want to be perceived. The opportunities you want to leave available for yourself. We’ve seen so many examples of people losing themselves and somehow finding social media as the go to. It never ends well ladies and  gentleman. Through my experiences and maintaining my focus on being a strong, independent woman, my fate has been decided for me. And my life is far more valuable than a few likes or retweets. Once upon a time, not long ago, I was looking for company at the misery motel. The day I checked out, was the day I finally felt liberated, and in control of my destiny.

Peace & Love Beloved


4 thoughts on “Public Displays of Aggression: Why do we do it?

  1. Really well said

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    1. Thank you for reading and sharing your words Aziza. Much appreciated


      1. Very inspirational and true.

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    2. Spot on girl !!

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